Sunday, 11 August 2019

Weekly Blog Post 11th August 2019 : OK Monthly

Fair enough there hasn't been a weekly blog post since July 14th, but a couple of album reviews returned, a comprehensive look back at SummerTyne was published and the full gig coverage resumed albeit during a quiet period on that front. Meanwhile the steady stream of album releases flowed continuously and news of upcoming records gathered pace. So in the little world of this blog, here is a round up of activity covering the period July 14th to August 11th including the sharing of a couple of September tours.


All reviewed and accessed via links

Don Gallardo at the Kitchen Garden in Birmingham

SummerTyne Festival at the Sage in Gateshead

Baskery at the Kitchen Garden in Birmingham

Lucinda Williams at Birmingham Town Hall

Album Releases

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Carly Dow - Comet (July 15th)

Alice Howe - Visions (July 15th)

Karen Jonas - Lucky, Revisited (July 19th)

Annie Bacon & Her OSHEN - Nothing Stays the Same (July 19th)

Lasers Lasers Birmingham - Warning (July 26th)

Will Bennett and the Tells - All Your Favourite Songs (July 26th)

Beth Bombara - Evergreen (August 9th)

The HawtThorns - Morning Sun (August 9th)

Upcoming Album Releases Added Since July 14th 

Amy Speace - Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne (out September 6th)
Ellis Paul - The Storyteller's Suitcase (out September 6th)
Ana Egge - Is it the Kiss (out September 6th)
The Achievers - The Lost Arc (out September 6th)
Jeremy Ivey - The Dream and the Dreamer (out September 13th)
Jared Deck - Bully Pulpit (out September 13th)
Hoth Brothers - Workin' and Dreamin' (out September 16th)
Catfish Keith - Catfish Crawl (out September 16th)
Darrin Bradbury - Talking Dogs and Atom Bombs (out September 20th)
Shane Alexander - A Life Like Ours (out September 20th)
Bob Bradshaw - Queen of the West (out September 27h)
Daniel Meade - Rust (out October 4th)
Mean Mary - Cold (out October 4th)
Silver Lake 66 - Ragged Heart (out October 4th)
Hannah James and the Jigdoll Ensemble - The Woman and Her Words (out October 4th)
Tim Grimm - Heart Land Again (out October 11th)
Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors - Dragons (out October 11th)
Bradford Loomis - Where the Light Ends (out October 11th)

Tours of Interest

Native Harrow

Frankie Lee