Monday, 23 December 2019

GIG REVEIW: My Darling Clementine - Kitchen Garden, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Sunday 22nd December 2019

It's fitting that the final review to appear on these pages is a previous recipient of the prestigious 'Favourite Gig of the Year' award. My Darling Clementine took the honours in 2013, and have since become regular review subjects with successive albums and a handful of other shows. It is also fitting that the final review is from the Kitchen Garden, a venue the scene of gigs well into three figures since the first published piece back in 2012. Not all gig reviews have come from sold out shows (that is not always a prime driver for a successful night), but it is nice to see the 'house full' sign for a change. So cheers to Michael and Lou for closing these pages, and to much more music from them in both the live and recorded formats in the future. Ok not the most comprehensive review to end on, but My Darling Clementine did record a song titled 'Our Race is Run', and by a further stroke of fortune they included it in tonight's setlist. A shared sentiment to close.